Websites are purely social - is yours lonely?

  • We speak from experience - we publish our own sites that confirm our method of working.  For the SEO term "art prizes" our Australian Art Prizes site ranks 3rd and 5th. It has the highest listing for any art prizes portal in google.
  • We baseline your current visitor statistics - then we can measure the improvement after we've completed our work.
  • We create effective mail campaigns - not just the campaign but report on how many emails were opened, clicked on, forwarded, bounced and much more. You will get more impact from an effective email campaign than your ads. 
  • We invigorate your site - we prepare informative and engaging text that draws increasing numbers of visitors back to your site.
  • We socialise your site by creating an easy to find social media presence. We manage your email campaigns and report back with number of clicks and mail opened statistics to see what worked for your subscribers. Establishing and engaging the public through your Facebook and Twitter accounts is essential today. Discovery Media manages your important marketing campaigns with social media.
  • Create newsletters - we will create and publish your newsletter by email - there is no better way to stay in touch with your clients. For example, have a look at this newsletter for the Art Prizes website - click here to check it out. 
  • We work fast but are not careless
  • We are not obsessed with SEO - we sprinkle it in the mix, but your readers don't care much about SEO terms. The text we produce is natural English and is written for English speaking visitors. After visitors come to your site they seek fresh information - your site content should stay fresh. When visitors repeatedly visit your site they will tell their friends and soon your ranking begins to dramatically improve. Ultimately the number of visits to your site are more important to your ranking than SEO terms.