Planning for Success by employing these key points and build a successful web site

These are the checkpoints we follow when building a new web site:
  • Your business name and domain name are unique and always come up on top of any search - can these be capitalised on?
  • Understand your site
  • Understand your industry and competitors
  • Understand the relevant search terms for your web site
  • Visit sites doing similar things to yours
  • Think about what you want to know when you visit a similar site
  • Have a big picture in mind - how do you want your site to work? Is it going to have products or services for sale? Is it based on the best price or the best product? How will people know about the prices and products?
  • Now, once this is better understood spend the time providing a service around this site. Information, advice or a database that is original and unique
  • Ensure that content is available by RSS and or email

Getting a CMS up and running is more often the easy part - the hard part is finding the content

Do you have the staff with the right skills to manage updating your website?
Of course not, otherwise you wouldn't be here - right?

So, here's the thing. You want to:
  • rank well when people search for your site with the goal being to help you make a sale that someone else higher up the list would have otherwise done
  • keep readers at your site long enough for them to perform some action like, so at least they are buying one of your products, or reading more or even subscribing to your mailing list. The longer they stay the better your chances of making a sale
  • have visitors remember your site - so that they don't buy from someone else. You want to make the sale.
  • tell their friends about your site - to add volume and improve your sales.

And this is no secret because this is exactly what we all want from our websites.

But here's something - if you just concentrate on only building a SEO heavy site to deliver results you may succeed in improving your ranking but not in meeting your goal which is after all to sell.

The answer is to place original content on your site. As social media ramps up its importance as a tool for directing viewers to your site the heavy emphasis on SEO reduces. Now, if you're following me here the question is how to find original content and how to maintain it. Well, here's the solution - it takes research to build the relevant content. You're looking to engage with your readers, you want them to communicate with your and to buy from you.

So, that's where our service meets your needs. We can establish meaningful content and links between your business, your website and your visitors. We will provide you with content so that your website is one of the few that stays fresh and draws visitors to it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
There is a lot of discussion about SEO which relies on hooking into the search engines - but as the search engines frequently rejig their hooks all that hard work can be lost. For example, only recently (November 2010) Google's ranking of all sites was impacted on by changes to the search engine. Those sites that relied on SEO and mutual links for improved ranking will have suffered.

You can improve your search-ability and ranking simply - have content that is fresh, relevant and of significance to your readers and no matter what the search engines do, a site that is popular with readers will always rank well.